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Fantasy (No magical or supernatural elements), Alternative World.

3rd Person Limited Narrative and multiple point of views.

Part of The Ascendant Series Universe. Completed series.

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Growing up as the Heir to his mother's throne, Riffin knows he can get anything he wants—that is, as long as it benefits the kingdoms he's to inherit. With marriage offers from nobles coming in from across the land, Riffin makes an unpopular choice before a decision could be taken for him; to marry for love.


Malia is the daughter of pirates and, as allies to the Queen, she's spent her entire life earning the ire of the nobles who deem her and her family unfit companions to their rulers. Told she has no place within civilised society, she’s well-aware that the love she shares with a future King is looked down upon, and that plenty are eager to watch her fall.

As news of their marriage spreads, so does the discontent of nobles and allies. When a rebellion’s scheme puts his new wife in danger, Riffin finds that love and duty are, once again, in conflict with one another, and threatens just about everything he holds dear.

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As his mother’s execution is announced, the swing of the sword that would make Riffin King is inevitable. Torn between his need for vengeance and his desire to heed his mother’s lesson of biding his time, Riffin finds there seems to be no right answer to whatever he does—someone is always left disappointed or angered.

The Alliance Council, created by the nobles upon his mother’s death, want nothing more than to keep him in line. When faced with their demands to solidify the Alliance between him and the kingdom that killed his mother, Riffin finds the power left to him dwindling amidst the political warfare. 

With nothing but the lessons he’s been taught, and his most loyal at his side, Riffin must now navigate the fine line of what it means to rule—and what it takes to keep his crown.

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Challenged by his mother’s return, Riffin faces a struggle to strike a balance between his heart and his head. Well aware of the traitors in his midst and all of those that tried to undermine his rule, putting that insult aside in favour of helping his enemy doesn’t sit well with him. 

But his mother, having returned to the throne, is right. If they fail to prevent Ludorum’s rebels from unseating their King, it won’t be just Riffin’s crown that will be threatened next, but his family as well.

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