The Settlement’s Cradle V2.jpg

When Skye is dragged away from home in broad daylight, along with a hundred others, she knows nobody is coming to their rescue.

Brought to a place thought to have been uninhabited since the world first ended, they serve one purpose; to colonise the Epizon’s reclaimed lands.

Once able to live her life as she wished, even in secret, their every move is now watched, their days spent doing the will of the Governor, caught in the middle of a war between those that brought them there, and the people the land was stolen from. 

But abiding by the rules has never been Skye’s strong suit and, before long, living beneath the rule of corrupt and violent wardens pushes her to find a way out. 

One way or another, she’ll be free of this place—even if it means death.

The Settlement’s Alliance V2.jpg

They’ve done what few ever have. Skye and the others have rebelled, claiming Belfield as their own. They should be thrilled, basking in the freedom they’ve fought for, but, weeks on from the slaughter, they’re still without a much-needed alliance with the Nords. 


Despised by them for crimes that aren’t their own, Skye’s hope for a treaty is in tatters. That is, until Vale mentions a game—a fight to the death, granting the survivor the opportunity to make a request of the Nord Queen. 


Skye isn’t a fighter, and the game is a death sentence—but so is not participating. 


Once the neighbouring settlement of Rossini finds out about their rebellion, an army will be sent to put an end to their resistance, and their lives. Skye’s only hope is to win, or watch everything she’s fought for until now amount to nothing. 

The Settlement’s Uprising V2.jpg

Despite their efforts to hide the truth, Governor Rossi has confirmed his suspicions—everything in Belfield is not quite what it seems. 

Now that the Epizon knows, being a settlement comprised of determined, rebellious teenagers won’t be enough anymore. If they’re going to win, and survive what comes next, they’ll have to be an organised show of force—and that will require a leader. 

When an unexpected encounter in the woods brings Skye face to face with the past she left behind, she begins to doubt she could ever be what Belfield needs to see them through a war. But what choice does she have? 

Be a leader, and make the hard decisions, or let the Epizon destroy everything they’d worked for—those are her choices.