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Despite their efforts to hide the truth, Governor Rossi has confirmed his suspicions—everything in Belfield is not quite what it seems. 

Now that the Epizon knows, being a settlement comprised of determined, rebellious teenagers won’t be enough anymore. If they’re going to win, and survive what comes next, they’ll have to be an organised show of force—and that will require a leader. 

When an unexpected encounter in the woods brings Skye face to face with the past she left behind, she begins to doubt she could ever be what Belfield needs to see them through a war. But what choice does she have? 

Be a leader, and make the hard decisions, or let the Epizon destroy everything they’d worked for—those are her choices.


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They were meant to be safe in the winter.

Instead, the woods are alive with threats.

And they’re not prepared. 

What I like about this book is how interesting the angle was, plot-wise. I’ve read fantasy books, I’ve read about kingdoms, kings and queens, but I’ve rarely read about politics in fantasy.

S. Provost on Amazon about Ascendant


I greatly appreciated the "darker turn" the events and character took, their sort of twisted goodness was interesting to say the least.

Laura P. on Amazon about Ascendant


This book keeps you guessing, keeps you turning the pages, and keeps you wanting more.


Melissa on Amazon about Ascendant



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