A month on from their last confrontation with Governor Rossi and his men, Belfield’s inhabitants have the closest thing to peace and freedom they’ve experienced since they rebelled.

The Epizon can’t send reinforcements in the harsh winter—or, so, that’s what the Governors’ letters have said—and Skye is relying on the season to be a moment of peace, and a time of preparation for the next inevitable fight.

But, when Vale’s younger brother Taron arrives, bringing with him rumours of another threat, all their plans to be a formidable force are thrown into question. 


With peace on hold, Skye and others venture out in search of an answer to the question they fear the most: has a battle come to them, sooner than expected?


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The peace in Belfield remains fleeting. Winter has come to a close and the arrival of spring brings with it threats of another battle in the ongoing war with the Epizon. 


Skye has vowed to see this through and she knows sitting around, waiting for the next attack, will continue to put them at a disadvantage. Eventually, they’d be out of ideas—out of surprises, for whichever army comes for them next. 


So far, her plans have been ambitious—just not ambitious enough—and, as their alliance with the Nords comes to breaking point, Skye knows she’s running out of time if she hopes to make their dreams of a free life in Belfield a reality. 


Desperate for this to end, they need a permanent solution, but do they risk the Epizon painting them as savages in order to get it, or can they find another way?

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What I like about this book is how interesting the angle was, plot-wise. I’ve read fantasy books, I’ve read about kingdoms, kings and queens, but I’ve rarely read about politics in fantasy.

S. Provost on Amazon about Ascendant


I greatly appreciated the "darker turn" the events and character took, their sort of twisted goodness was interesting to say the least.

Laura P. on Amazon about Ascendant


This book keeps you guessing, keeps you turning the pages, and keeps you wanting more.


Melissa on Amazon about Ascendant



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